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DodoGo rolls up LocoRoco with something egg-stra


France's Weezard Interactive is hoping to prove there's room in this world for one more "guide a pack of cute, round characters to the exit" style game with DodoGo. The game, set for release later this year, immediately calls to mind the likes of Rolando and LocoRoco, but offers up some novel new touch interaction ideas.

In getting the dodo eggs -- which are, of course, all smiley and bouncy -- through each level, players will need to perform some basic actions (drawing lines to connect pulleys, placing springy launchpads) in addition to a couple of really stand-out gameplay mechanics. Namely, the ability to change the level's topography so the little guys/girls can roll to safety or avoid predators. There also appears to be a decent-sized focus on devising clever plans to do away with said baddies using the various tools and items offered up. (Oh, and we totally love the idea of a "crash test egg" that can be deployed to test a puzzle solution so no "real" dodos are harmed.)

Check the trailer after the break and tell us: are you egg-cited?

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