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Space Invaders Extreme, Arkanoid DLC invade Xbox Live


If you've got a hankering for some more alien destruction with a musical twist, you'll be happy to know that some new DLC for Space Invaders Extreme has landed on Xbox Live Marketplace. Entitled, simply, Space Invaders Extreme Expansion Pack, the DLC grants players access to the original versions of Space Invaders and Space Invaders II. According to Shacknews -- though not mentioned on the XBLM description -- the DLC will also include new stages and bosses for the main game as well. The price of entry is 240.

The expected Arkanoid Live DLC arrives today as well. There are two bits of DLC, Episode Add-on Pack 1 and Episode Add-on Pack 2. The descriptions of the DLC are pretty vague, but we're just going to go out on a limb here and guess that each pack adds one of the two missing episodes -- the ones that are grayed out in the main menu -- to the game. Each piece of Arkanoid DLC runs for 240.

Source - Xbox Live Marketplace: Space Invaders Extreme
Source - Xbox Live Marketplace: Arkanoid Live

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