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The Daily Grind: Champions vs. Aion edition


Two action-based MMOs. Both will enter, but only one will gain the laurels of the fans of Massively. This fall isn't big enough for the both of them.

Angels and demons or superheroes and supervillains? Wings of flight or jetpacks of speed? Shattered worlds or celshaded panels? Foxbat or Deltras? Aion or Champions?

It is the question to end all questions, Massively readers. Which one do you put your support behind? Will you be journeying to the Tower of Eternity, or will you be saving the world by destroying one supervillain at a time? Throw us your opinions on both games in the comments, and let us know why you may prefer one over the other. Or, even better, will you be supporting both?

The question of the ages has been asked, now, comment to the death!

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