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Valkyria Chronicles continues DLC expansion in Japan


It might not have become the multi-million mega blockbuster it deserved to be, but Valkyria Chronicles has managed to expand through an anime series and multiple pieces of DLC. It looks like Sega's not quite done with the franchise, as even more DLC has been announced for the Japanese audience. IGN reports that "Edy's Squad Challenge" will be the next add-on for the game, and should be available in Japan on June 26th, more than a year after the game's original release. The DLC will focus on objective-based challenges for players to complete, such as taking out specific enemies or saving allies.

Sega of America hasn't commented on whether or not the DLC will come to American audiences. While likely, we should remember that gamers had to wait for months for a proper localization. Hopefully, Sega won't take as long this time around.

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