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DiRT 2 tips its hat to the late Colin McRae

When Scottish rally racer Colin McRae died in a tragic helicopter accident in September 2007, many wondered how his passing would affect the final version of DiRT, the McRae-branded racing game that would come out later that month. The answer? Well, it was too late in the game's development to include any significant changes -- but Codemasters is making sure that the upcoming sequel to the well-reviewed racer adequately tips its hat to the driver who spawned the series.

MTV Multiplayer checked out DiRT 2 during a recent preview in NYC, and reports that players will be working to qualify for the Colin McRae Memorial Cup -- what's more, Codemasters' Mark Turosz explained that players will "hear other drivers talking about him," and that "he's the central figure in the narrative." Rarely do video games dabble in real-life tragedies -- though it looks like Codemasters is handling it with a refreshing touch of class.

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