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Earthrise newsletter Issue X updates players on game's state of development

James Egan

Newsletter X for the post-apocalyptic MMO Earthrise is here, after these community updates from Masthead Studios went on hiatus since March. This tenth newsletter mentions how their current development focus is on the game's crafting system, which they've said will allow for a high degree of customization, allowing skilled players to become well-known among their peers for their particular creations. There's also a fair amount of coverage of some of the various Earthrise community efforts, ranging from fansites to player-created art, as well as a media coverage recap. There's definitely a few things in there worth checking out if you're interested in keeping up with Earthrise.

While Masthead Studios may not feel quite this way about the game, this writer feels that Earthrise has some of the makings of a terrestrial EVE Online: a sandbox setting; guild-level world and resource control in what are now called 'Concession grounds'; and hopefully with that, player politics. If they can develop Earthrise along these lines, we suspect it could prove to be popular with fans of both sci-fi and post-apocalyptic games.

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