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Joost launches PS3 video site


Internet video service Joost has just launched a special PS3 version of its site, and we have to admit it's pretty slick. The interface is designed specifically for the PS3, using the D-Pad to quickly go through the streamlined interface. Holding down the X button will bring up a special on-screen menu that allows you to quickly switch between windowed and full-screen playback. It's all very intelligently designed and easy to use.

Joost follows the footsteps of YouTube, which also offers a special portal for use on PS3. However, we found Joost runs much more smoothly than YouTube, offering better video quality at a better framerate. Unlike YouTube, you'll see advertisements before your video, but the improved interface and quality make for a significantly better experience. To check it out, visit on your PS3 browser. Don't forget to hit SELECT if you want to add it to your PS3's bookmarks.

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