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Logitech's premium guitar controller hits in August, carries high axe-ing price


If you were to trade in or sell all eleventy plastic guitars crammed into the corner of your living room, you might just be able to afford Logitech's newly announced premium wireless Guitar Hero controller. Priced at $199 and pegged to street in August, the peripheral is a feature-for-feature equal of the previously revealed PS2 / PS3 model, only it's orange. (Why not Xbox green? We know at least one band who'd endorse it.)

Like the PS3 unit, it has a real wooden neck (maple, if you're curious), a rosewood fingerboard and some seriously tough -- yet quiet -- strum and whammy bars. While it's designed with GHWT (and all 70 other Guitar Hero titles) in mind -- hence the slider/tapping area on its neck -- you'd know if you checked out our instrument compatibility matrix that it'll work with Rock Band, too. (And Rock Band 2 ... too.)

Watch the video we've placed after the break to witness a Logitech rep get all touchy-feely with the controller.

[Via Engadget]

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