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Modern Warfare 2 launch aims to eclipse Halo 3, GTA IV


Activision already has great expectations for Modern Warfare 2, but outselling all previous Call of Duty titles is just the beginning. The publisher has hired marketing firm TWBA/Chiat/Day and given it marching orders to deliver the "biggest entertainment launch of all time."

In order to accomplish this, MW2 will need to surpass some established launch sales triumphs. The first is Halo 3, with 1.7 million copies moved on day one in fall 2007. More recently, Grand Theft Auto IV took the title of "biggest launch" thanks to first day sales of 3.6 million units. At this point, we think Activision needs to be less concerned with its game being huge -- it will be -- and more focused on ensuring PSN and Xbox Live don't utterly die when it hits stores November 10.


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