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Ed Boon: Next Mortal Kombat to be rated 'M'


If the uncharacteristic lack of over-the-top gore in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe was an issue for you, series co-creator Ed Boon has some good news for you. Now (very clearly) heading up development of the ninth MK game, the designer has been tweeting about its content, recently saying that, "People want an M-rated MK....dammit we will give them an M-rated MK."

Boon also addressed a tweet he received asking what it would take to make an AO-rated MK, saying, "
I dont know where the line is to make MK an AO rated game. But we definitely dont want to kross it." "KROSS" it? Oh Ed, you krazy klown. That never gets old!

[Via IndustryGamers]

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