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Harris Poll results indicate little Blu-ray interest, even as HDTV sales go up


Just some more data for you HD fans to pore over, as The Harris Poll talked to a couple thousand people in April and came away with statistics it claims show interest in Blu-ray is still "lukewarm." We're a little less than convinced, especially after reading over the press release that uses HD DVD to refer both to the dead format and all high def media as a whole in the same sentence, while mentioning that its stats show sales of HD DVD players are up over their 2008 marks by the same amount that Blu-ray is (excluding the PS3). Once you've gotten over that shock, there's also interesting stats showing the number of people planning to switch to Blu-ray in the next year is down to 7%, from 9% last year. Grab the PDF at the read link for the full breakdown, but we're not sure you'll give the survey any more credence than we do (not much.)

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