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PEGI gets more official in UK, will be legal 'by Christmas'


Like a butterfly, moments before emerging from its cocoon, the European game rating system PEGI is now only months from becoming the UK game rating standard. Speaking with, PEGI chairman Andy Payne (no relation to Max, as far as we know) said that the fawncy new rating logos should be on packaging by the end of year holiday sales season.

Due to government recess from mid-July to October 12, the Video Standards Council -- the folks in charge of PEGI in the UK -- can't be handed the reins of UK game classification just yet. "In terms of making it absolutely law ... that won't happen until the autumn at the earliest, and there's a whole load of things that have got to happen before that," Payne said. He does, however, expect the process to go through "before Christmas," so those of you chompin' at the bit to get your eyes on some new game classification stickers will just have to hope St. Nick's feeling generous.

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