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Robot Chicken's downloadable Spore adventures are totally tasteful, just watch


When we first heard that the creators and writers of adult swim's stop-motion comedy goldmine, Robot Chicken, were going to be creating DLC adventures for Spore: Galactic Adventures, we knew the results would be ... unique. Now EA has released a short video showing Seth Green, Tom Root and the rest of the show's writing staff "at work" on the content, followed by a run-through of what they came up with. "Unique" doesn't describe it; in fact, we're not sure any word could. "Nutshit," maybe.

So thanks, Robot Chicken. You've managed to make us want to re-install the game, if only to find out whether Whiney rhino actually obeys the evil clown and shovels the poo he fears so much. Spore, June 23 is your day to shine.

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