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Samsung's SMX-C14 camcorder now beautifying stores in Korea

Tim Stevens

Samsung's SMX-C14, with its "ergonomic" design, touch of color, and Active Angle Lens, stole our hearts the moment we saw it. Learning that it only shoots 720 x 480/60i video was like a slap in the face, but we'd forgive it if only it graced us and our retailers with its presence. Sadly we're still left wanting, with the camcorder giving all its love and availability to lucky Koreans, who can pick one up today for the price of 399,000 won -- about $314. There it's apparently destined to "travel around to filming sex" according to the press release at the read link, which seems boastful, but surely it'll find time for those of us elsewhere in the world... eventually.

Update: We received a note from Samsung urging us to pass along the correct translation of the press page, which is, of course, a lot less racy than Google Translate made it sound. It should read: "The biggest advantage of the camcorder is its portability. Put it in your pocket, film video, whenever, wherever you go." If wherever you go happens to be to the Red Light district more power to you, but be sure that Sammy doesn't condone or recommend such behavior.

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