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Stephen Colbert unveils Microsoft's next console


Wow, Microsoft has been on a roll lately. First the company unveiled Project Natal at E3. Then came the dreams of fantastic controller-less games, giggling like idiots at a weird, digital boy and squealing like children as we pretended to drive a car. And now, guess what kids? Project Natal is yesterday's news, as Stephen Colbert somehow managed to get the green light from Microsoft to unveil its next Xbox console, the ExXbox.

Honestly, we're at a loss for words. Forget Project Natal. Put away MotionPlus. Shelve the PlayStation Motion Controller. The level of innovation here is simply through the roof. Rather than attempt to describe how incredible it is, allow us to direct you past the break, where you can see the future unfold before your eyes (look for it at 1:40 in the video).

[Thanks, Jay!]

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