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Ubisoft: Splinter Cell Conviction is 'true Microsoft exclusive'


Now that the third-party playing field is supposedly "level," Microsoft looks to be making a play for the advantage, as Ubisoft continues to insist that Splinter Cell Conviction is "a true Microsoft exclusive title." We've heard this before, of course, but this time it's with more *ahem* conviction, as an Ubisoft UK Forum Manager declares there are "no plans to have Splinter Cell Conviction on other [console] platforms." The sentiment echoes the long drama surrounding Metal Gear Solid 4's exclusivity, and we have to imagine doubts about Conviction's exclusivity won't go down quietly, either.

Just as Metal Gear Solid has been associated with PlayStation (though not always exclusive to Sony platforms), Ubisoft calls Splinter Cell and Microsoft "historically linked," explaining that Conviction's exclusivity is based, in part, on "a 'link of heart.'" Aw, that's sweet -- and so is the check that Microsoft must have cut.


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