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Modders gut an SNES, cram in a PC


The SNES you see above, ladies and gentlemen, is no SNES at all. It is, in fact, a fully functioning PC (an Acer Aspire One netbook, if you want to know). Built by quangDX and DuPPs of, the AASNES1 packs all the connections you need, WiFi and even some cool USB extension cables that plug directly into the console's controller ports (its makers also modified a Super NES controller to work as a USB controller). The DVD-RW drive is located inside the Super Mario World cartridge and the modders even made the Super Nintendo logo on the back light up. It is, in summation, sweet.

Check out a video of the AASNES1 after the break and head over to Asobitech for a step-by-step retelling of its creation.

[Via Engadget]

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