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The Daily Grind: Will you play a friendlier Final Fantasy MMO?

Kyle Horner

We know a decent amount about the general direction Final Fantasy XIV is headed. It'll be very pretty, have a similar-yet-different job system and feature all the classic trappings we've come to expect from the series. Oh, and PlayOnline is going bye-bye, which is something to be happy about.

Specifically, we know that the developers are aiming to create an MMO that allows many more styles of play than Final Fantasy XI does, meaning solo players who prefer both short and long term sessions will find the game accessible this time around. Final Fantasy XI is of course notorious for being one of the hardest MMOs around, and it's earned that reputation. And while the game has seen its share of difficulty smoothing, it's nowhere near as inviting to new players as, well, just about every other MMO on the market, really.

So does the prospect of a friendlier, safer and assuredly more accessible Final Fantasy interest those of you who wouldn't touch its predecessor with a ten foot Gunsword? Will you be looking out for further information or simply ignoring Final Fantsy XIV while you wait for something else to grab your attention?

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