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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is back from the dead

Brains! Braaaaaaaiiiinnnnssss!

Due to nightmarish travel complications during a return trip from E3 and then a bizarre, four-day long hippie sun-cooking ritual, the author of this humble feature has been out of commission for some time -- an oversight for which said author apologizes. If only the cultivation of comics was a brisk process! As you might imagine, it takes days of intense concentration, followed by a solid day of drinking, and then another day of concentration, and then, yes, another half-day of drinking.

We're back in action, though! Below are our seven favorite gaming-centric webcomics of this past week! You can (and should!) vote for your favorite after the jump, and drop a link in the comments to tell us what gems we missed out of during our accidental furlough.

Consumer Advocacy (Penny Arcade)
How to Spot the Doomed Characters Early (Dipswitch)
All Work and No Play (Sidescroller)
The Power of Teamwork (2P Start)
A Dose of Fake Reality (Virtual Shackles)
Prince of Amnesia (Burn the Internet)
A New Business Venture (Digital Unrest)


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