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Black Wii, blue controllers on display at World Hobby Fair


During this weekend's World Hobby Fair, both Capcom and Nintendo had booths set up, showing off the new Wii colors and accessories. Capcom's booth had the Monster Hunter 3 bundles as part of its Monster Hunter display, and Nintendo had the blue Wiimote and Nunchuk, of course, to promote Wii Sports Resort -- which, incidentally, was also the inspiration behind a very nice set of giveaway items.

The Nunchuk has always been shiny on top and matte on bottom, but it's much more noticeable, and nice-looking, on the black version. Somehow, the Wiimote jacket also looks cool in matte black, despite being a Wiimote jacket. The Classic Controller Pro, as well, looks like much more of an upgrade in shiny black plastic. Head past the break to see the blue Wii Sports controllers.

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