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Rumored PlayStation Cloud details are fake, though we wish they weren't

Jem Alexander

It's almost three months since we first spotted the PS Cloud trademark and some fake details have been "leaked out." Allegedly, PlayStation Cloud is like MobileMe for the PSN. A cloud-based system which will hold all your contacts, save files, stats and in-game videos and screenshots online, so they can be accessed from any PS3.

Not only that, but these leaked details -- along with the screenshot above -- imply that the service would substantially improve the PSN's community features, showing peoples activity in realtime. As welcome as these features would be (very!), we've received feedback from the PlayStation Blog's Jeff Rubenstein. "This 'mockup' is pure conjecture. This is 100% fake."

We're glad to see Sony quashing rumors before they get out of hand. As for the fact this PlayStation Cloud info is fake? We could be happier.

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