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The Daily Grind: What did you think of Asmodae?

Lesley Smith

So, Closed Beta Test 2 is over and the next one is over a week away. Aion has gone silent for now and that means we have a time to reflect on the weekend's event. I got my warrior maiden to level 10 quite easily and spent the rest of the time exploring the available zones including Altgard. I have a feeling I ended up in Morheim too but scarpered as soon as I noticed the mobs were level 40. While I will probably stick with Elyos, I can't get over how beautiful Asmodae is. It's much more aesthetically pleasing than the parts of Elysea I've seen and if they could just move the sky from Altgard Fortress and Tunapre Lake to Elysea I'd be set.

So come on beta-testing readers? What did you think of Asmodae? Was it what you expected or were you, like me, a little surprised? Has it made you reconsider which race you're going to roll when the game goes live later this year? Speak up and drop your thoughts in the comments box below.

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