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Explodemon! gets smaller, still as explosive for PSP Go


Curve Studios, developer of Buzz! Master Quiz for PSP, is returning to the portable platform with a version of its upcoming action-platformer, Explodemon!, designed for PSP Go. Already slated to hit PSN, WiiWare and PC, the game will arrive in downloadable form for the Go in 2010. It looks and sounds promising, with retro-inspired design and a title character who does everything by exploding.

Jason Perkins, Curve Studios' managing director, has also confirmed that the developer has "a number of" other titles in the pipeline for PSP also set for release next year. Hopefully we'll see more of its current, explosion-filled project at Cologne Gamescom -- where, it just so happens, an iPhone-style "app store" for PSP is rumored to be unveiled by Sony.

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