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HTC Firestone possibly rendered again, less blurry this time

Chris Ziegler

Thai site Sanook has what appears to be the first decent render of HTC's mighty Firestone, the yet-to-be-announced heir apparent to last year's Touch HD. Of course, following up a device of the Touch HD's stature is no simple task; for starters, the Firestone tops up with Windows Mobile 6.5, but the big news might be that the Firestone's rumored to be coming out of the gate with an 8 megapixel camera -- a move that would likely put it head-to-head in some respects with Sony Ericsson's rumored XPERIA X2, and at that point, the only question might be how badly you need QWERTY. The Firestone's rumored for an August release, so we could end up with an epic battle on our hands here through the latter half of the year.

[Thanks, Josh]

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