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Jet packs, mechs, and all-out carnage in latest Global Agenda screens

James Egan

Global Agenda from Hi-Rez Studios is one of the upcoming games that is challenging our traditional definition of an MMO. Essentially Global Agenda will be a marriage of Team Fortress 2-style gameplay with a system of world control where guilds will tap resources to gain advantages. We got some hands-on time with GA at E3 2009 and Mike Schramm had a chance to try out the medic class. We know the game will have four classes at launch, and taking the Team Fortress 2 analog a bit further, Global Agenda's 'Assault' class is like the Heavy, 'Recon' is the Spy, 'Robotic' is similar to the Engineer, and 'Medic'... you get it. This is, however, a very broad generalization and what we've seen thus far suggests there will be a good range of abilities for each class with numerous gear options.

However, since none of us are in the beta at present, we're always hoping to find out more about the game. We've come across some new Global Agenda screens that Hi-Rez Studios released today, which show the various class gear and abilities in action. Have a look through our gallery to see the Assault, Recon, Medic, and Robotic classes tearing into mechs and androids, and quite likely each other as well. Plus, jet packs! We've added these shots to our Global Agenda gallery for you, so check it out:

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