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Mio debuts Freeview-tuning Navman Spirit TV V505 and V735 PNDs

Darren Murph

We already knew that Mio was planning a few PNDs for the European market with integrated Freeview tuners, and now the outfit has come clean with the official launch of the Navman Spirit TV V505 and V735. Just as expected, the TV tuning satnav units boast 4.7- and 7-inch displays (respectively), with each also packing an EPG, two available antennas and support for video, photo and music playback. There's also a new slidetouch UI, 3D maps, built-in traffic support (with a lifetime subscription), an FM transmitter and a selection of Travel Books that provide in-depth listings of the best local stops. The new devices should hit UK shelves next month for £229 ($372) and £299 ($487) in order of mention, though we get the feeling a US version may not be in the cards.

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