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Now hear this -- NHT is back

Steven Kim

It's no secret we were holding out hope for speaker and electronics manufacturer NHT to make a comeback, but we didn't expect it's happen this soon. The iconic audio company powered things down at the end of March, and now co-founder Chris Byrne bringing the company back with a new factory-direct web-centric business model that will skip right over the middleman to the tune of as much as 30-percent savings. There's no substitute for a live demo, especially for audio, so authorized dealers will still have showrooms; but orders will still come factory-direct to consumers. Sounds reasonable, but we're curious about how much of a slice dealers take, and how they get credit for sales they generate in exchange for not having to carry any stock. Still, we've got to give credit to NHT for trying to get the crusty audio market moving in a new direction and hope this thing catches on so we can see some of the eight new product concepts currently in the works at NHT.

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