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The Last Guardian trailer analyzed in depth

Jem Alexander

What are gamers, if not obsessive? It's the reason collector's editions and gotta-catch-em-all games like Pokemon exist. Another example of our obsessive nature? Overanalysis. Eurogamer's Digital Foundry has picked apart Team Ico's The Last Guardian trailer in an effort to determine whether the footage was taken in-game or not. The video rundown (which you can view on Eurogamer) is certainly interesting, particularly to those with some knowledge of 3D artistry. Even if not, at least it's an excuse to watch the trailer again.

The final say: Digital Foundry just doesn't know whether all the footage is in-game or not, as "some scenes appear to have anti-aliasing, while others have none at all. Some scenes are confirmed 720p, while others -- due to the compression of the video asset -- are much more difficult to discern." Tricksy. We'll no doubt find out once we see more of the game in action. Which will be soon, right? Please?

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