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AT&T Navigator comes to iPhone, Pre says "sounds expensive"

Chris Ziegler

The launch of AT&T Navigator on the iPhone this week is likely the highest-profile turn-by-turn navigation launch to hit the platform to date, notably becoming the first "premium" AT&T-offered service to be made available through the phone -- which, until now, has generally (and uncharacteristically) remained free of carrier crapware since day one. Reviews are mixed, with one of the big complaints being that maps are pulled down over your network connection in real time -- then again, this is common to virtually every carrier-branded nav solution, so we can't fault the iPhone version there. The app itself is free, but using it will run $9.95 a month on top of your regular bill -- a far cry from the goose egg Sprint is charging Pre customers for the use of Sprint Navigation which offers essentially the same level of functionality. Add in the fact that TomTom's got a much sexier (albeit bulkier and more expensive) solution in the works for this, and frankly, we're not sure this thing's going to see much success; probably worth a try, though, right? [Warning: iTunes link]

[Via AppleInsider]

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