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Ex-SCEE boss Reeves to keynote Games Convention Online, physics symposium


Choosing to title it "Schrödinger's Cat and Heisenberg's Dog: The Change from Offline to Online," former Sony Computer Entertainment Europe prez David Reeves will deliver his keynote address at Germany's Games Convention Online, which runs July 31 through August 2. The speech "will provide a view of when online sales of games overtake classic retail distribution," Reeves told Develop.

It had been (wrongly) rumored that Reeves left Sony for a gig at APB dev Realtime Worlds, but we now know the hobbies he'll be taking up in his retirement: theoretical physics, quantum mechanics and watching The Big Bang Theory. We can't wait to hear how he manages to work those topics into a talk about online games. (10 bucks says Reeves' friends submitted the keynote's title without him knowing it.)

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