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Guildwatch: System error beep bop

Mike Schramm

We have no idea why Coridane is so against Warlocks getting made fun of in the game (he must not be a fan of our very own Warlock-hater, Christian Belt), but apparently it's serious -- serious enough for him to kick you from a raid. We do especially like that the need to assault downed Warlocks is actually a system error ("beep bop"): we would just have assumed that was normal protocol. It sure is in our raids.

More drama like this, along with downed and recruiting news, in this week's Guildwatch. If you have tips for us, feel free to send them in -- just drop us a note (please keep it short, sweet, and clear) at, and you might see it here next week.


  • Apparently Wordaf ditched Lok Kosh on Shattered Halls, after picking up four (or three?) pieces of loot while raiding with them. The thread starts out slow, but stick with it, things get good later on.
  • Sanctu Maleficus on Altar of Storms has recently celebrated their third anniversary, which they believe makes them the oldest active guild on the server. Congrats on three years, here's to many more!
  • This thread starts out as Arena drama -- someone says Battleox and another Death Knight are super lame, and everyone else, including Frodamn, show up to pile on and talk about how much fail they are. But page 3 makes it both worthwhile and relevant to this column -- as you might expect, Battleox (or at least an alt of his, or maybe even his mom -- ha!) shows up in the thread saying that Frodamn is just angry over an old guild drama spat. Which makes sense, as Frodamn, a precocious 16-year-old, doesn't much seem like a stranger to drama himself. Ah, youth!
  • Quite a story from Illidan (or as our tipster calls it, Illidrama): E Thugz was a 10-man raiding guild that disbanded and had three of their members join up with Explicit, which then rolled up to Ulduar and picked up an Alliance second clear. Sounds all good, right? Lightzlol, one of the refugees, decided to start up a 10-man on his own, and that's where the trouble starts: when one of the guild's officers split in the middle of the run, Lightzlol reportedly replaced him with another member. The officer obviously didn't like that very much, and after much arguing back and forth (the officers claimed Lightz was stealing the best raiders, Lightz claimed they could make another 10-man if they wanted to), Lightz /gquit before he could get /gkicked. We're told the guildleader then /gkicked two guildies for good measure. He tells the guild they'll be fine without them, but our tipster isn't so sure.
  • Cesium wraps up this drama better than we'd ever have room for in this small space. Unfortunately, most of the other posts in the thread got deleted, but he covers everything you need to know well enough: Natural Schoolgirls posted that they picked up the Hodir achievement, but apparently they didn't quite do so legitimately. Insults and flame wars ensued.
  • As you can see above, the guildleader of Aberration on Alleria apparently really doesn't want your avatar doing naughty things to Warlocks. We have no idea why, but we'd sure like to know.
  • From the "What goes around..." file: we reported on Harmony of Deathwing in this space a while back -- they'd gotten into a feud as a transfer guild on a server, and though we agreed their GM sounded like a jerk, we had to give it to them, as they managed to get an Ulduar first on the server, even though it was after they started bragging. But another tipster comes to us with an update: apparently they've broken up, though we're not told why. A few of their refugees are heading off to transfer again, this time to another Alliance server. Guess being a jerk might help you raid better, but it won't keep your guild together.
  • Nearly all the officers of Ese Loco on my old server Thunderhorn were reportedly not happy to simply be farming Naxx 25 each week and waiting for the rest of the guild to get geared up for Ulduar 25. So we hear they all split – forming a new guild called, appropriately, Gquit. Unfortunately, we hear that now, neither guild has enough raiders to get a solid 25-man run together. Guess they're both recruiting.
  • Finally, here's a story of guild goodness instead: Erinion (from The Mythicals on EU Lightbringer) and his longtime (non-WoW playing) girlfriend apparently got hitched the other Saturday at the Bristol Zoo in England. If you're a regular listener to our podcast, you'll know that's Turpster's hometown zoo. And they had guildies planning coming to the wedding -- two were flying in from Amsterdam just to be there. Pretty cool -- apparently Erinion says he asked his girlfriend if they could bring laptops to try and have a midwedding raid, but she answered in the negative to that one. Hope it went well -- congrats and cheers to the couple and their guildies!
  • DPS Harder on Windrunner was a guild that reformed after some drama, but they've now full cleared Naxx 10, and headed to Ulduar 10 a while ago. Good luck!
  • Almost Heroes on EU Aggramar finished off both 25-man Sapphiron and Kel'thuzad. Way to go!
  • Conclave on Spinebreaker has cleared Naxx 10 on only their third week raiding as a guild. Malygos is on notice for next time.
  • Pango Honoratus is running mostly Ulduar 10 with some Ulduar 25 thrown in there. They're 10/14 on 10-man, and 5/14 in 25. Nice job.
  • Eminent Domain on Ysondre only has about nine regular raids, but they've run all of Naxx with just nine, and have just downed Leviathan, on normal and hard mode, and cleared The Antechamber as well (apparently Assembly of Iron is not easy to do with nine people). Keepers are on notice next.
  • Out of the Ashes on Lothar is a Horde guild currently 9/14 in Ulduar. They're also looking for Resto Shamans and caster DPS for the 25-man version, so if you want to join a solid core group that loves progression, hit them up.
  • Fallen on Nesingwary has cleared out Ulduar in both 10 and 25-man, and are currently working on hard modes and those drakes before they disappear.
  • Avis est Vox (Wyrnrest Accord-H) cleared through the Antechamber in Ulduar 10. They're working on picking up a few more so they can head into 25-man, too.
  • Shadow Sect on Laughing Skull-H managed to down Flame Leviathan in Uldaur 10 on their first serious attempt (they had a small bug on the very first time, but they finished him off second try).
  • Vehemence, a casual guild from The Venture Co server, has finally cleared out Naxx 10, as well as Sarth, and are currently working on Ulduar, having put down Flame Leviathan twice already. Grats!
  • Forbidden Kingdom, an Alliance guild on Misha, cleared Naxx 10 for the first time together just the other week and "got the obligatory throne group photo." Malygos on notice for next time.
  • The Dark Knights of Lore of Llane-H took out Flame Leviathan on normal 10-man mode, in a fast-paced encounter where they only had two demos left when FL was at 10%. Still finished him off, though.
  • Eternity is a somewhat new guild on Shattered Halls that just reformed from a previous split. Over the weekend they went on a roll: cleared Naxx 10, OS 1D, Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, and XT-002. Maly got close -- he's on notice for next time.
  • Relentless on EU Chamber of Aspects finally downed Malygos 10 after weeks of hard work and got the raid group their titles. They also downed Flame Leviathan in 10-man and are continuing to progress in Ulduar and hoping to recruit a few more loyal players to move onto 25-man content.
  • Dragon Knights on Area 52-A have put down Auriaya and Ignis in 10-man Ulduar. Hodir and Freya are probably down as well, so we'll put Thorim on notice.
  • Pirates, Inc. on Quel'Thalas finally started raiding, and on their first attempt cleared the Arachnid Quarter of Naxx 10. Better late than never, they say, and we agree.
  • The Red Shadows (Llane-A) just finished their first clear of Naxx. They're casual, so even though it took them a little while, they're happy and proud of their successful once-a-week raids.
  • Savage Darkness, a casual raiding guild on Arathor, scored their first Heroic Deconstructor kill, snagging both Heroic achievements at the same time. Grats!
  • Brass Monkey is a small guild of friends on Farstriders that downed Kel'Thuzad on only their second foray into Naxx. Very nice job. Onward to Malygos!
  • The Inquisition on Spinebreaker cleared out Naxx 10 for the first time, and then even stepped into Ulduar and finished off the Flame Leviathan. Grats!
  • Divine Alliance on Mok'nathal is seeing some more folks to help them run 10- and 25-man instances in Naxx and beyond. They're a social leveling and casual raiding guild with a focus on playing with humor, integrity and honor. If you want to socialize and do some casual raiding at all levels, they're the place to go -- tanks and healers above 50 are preferred, but anyone is welcome.
  • Legends of Justice on Windrunner-A is recruiting anything and everything. They're also a casual raiding guild and have cleared all 10-mans except Maly and Ulduar.
  • La Cosa Nostra (on Icecrown) is recruiting. They're a progression guild working through Ulduar, and are interested in almost everything. Applicants should be willing to take constructive criticism and optimize their characters for raiding. So far (when they sent this tip a while ago -- they're probably farther along by now) they've cleared up to Hodir in 25-man, and Vezax in 10-man. They raid four days a week, and are rolling right along.
  • Arcanas Sanctum is a casual but progressive Horde guild on Ghostlands looking to fill out a couple of 10-man Ulduar groups. They have cleared Naxx, Sarth+1 and Malygos, all on both 10 and 25, apparently "many, many, MANY times. We are REALLY looking forward to seeing new content!" They're working through Ulduar now, and could be farther than they are if they had more people -- applicants should have raid experience and be geared and ready. They're a fun bunch of folks, so be prepared to join and joke around, too.
  • Twilight Harvest (Dalaran) has a core group that's rolling through 10-man Ulduar and now seeks more members to fill out the 25-man runs – especially healers and ranged DPS. If you can be there on time, prepared and don't mind some wipes to learn the fights, they say you can have a good time.
  • Trinity on EU Nordrassil is still recruiting. They're a mature, laid back raiding guild who are around halfway through Ulduar so far. They're also considering a merge, especially with any smaller guilds out there who are finding difficulties raiding in the summer months.
  • Chaotic Salvation of Fizzcrank is a casual raiding guild (with progression-minded raiders) currently half-way through Naxx 10 content. They're recruiting active raiders as well as those level 75+ who are interested in raiding, while hoping to get a second 10-man group going and move into 25-man content.
  • Hello Kitty Club on Akama is looking for a few good players to fill out the 25-man team in Ulduar (DPS and Healers specifically needed). They're 12/14 in there so far, 13/14 in 10-man, and raid four nights a week, as well as doing "fun" 10-mans on the weekend. If you know how to stay out of the fire, listen to instructions, and do your job, feel free to apply on their website.
  • Temple of Light on Shadowsong-A is recruiting. They're looking for a few more to keep Ulduar 25 going.
  • Dramatic Exit on Hydraxis is a new, semi-casual guild, made of of approximately 40 geared 80s and lower level toons, that has cleared out Naxx, Malygos, and Sarth, and is working their way through normal Uldar. All classes are welcome (especially tanks and healers), as long as you're mature, friendly, and don't mind a little wiping until they get the boss fights down.
  • Insomnia of Staghelm is seeking adult raiders to strengthen their bench in preparation for end-game progress through the summer months. They're a highly dedicated raiding guild comprised of friendly, mature and experienced players, and they've players enjoying all aspects of WoW including pre-made battlegrounds, heroics, achievements, raiding, etc. Plus, the guild is the home of our friends Haf and Stompalina over at Rawrcast!
That's it for this week's GW! Until next week, happy raiding as always.

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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