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Mintpass Mintpad and accessories get unboxed


We're still waiting for word of an official release over here, but that hasn't stopped the Mintpass Mintpad from winding its way to the US direct from Korea, and one of 'em has now wound up in the hands of the folks at Pocketables, who have promptly done a proper unboxing. In case you missed some of the earlier hands-on videos, perhaps the most striking thing about this one is just how tiny it really is (head on past the break for a comparison shot), although Pocketables says that it's well built and "makes a positive first impression when held in the hand," even if the bezel is apparently a bit chunky. They were also impressed by the accessories available out of the gate, including a stylish silicone sleeve, a screen protector, and a handy cradle, which you can also check out by hitting up the link below.

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