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Silicon Mountain debuts Allio Link streamers and HTPCs

Darren Murph

Up until now, the only way to really get the all-in-one "Allio Experience" was to purchase one of its HDTV / HTPC hybrids. But, let's just say you wanted to have that same experience on your current set. The answer? Silicon Mountain's latest wares: two new media streamer models and five Allio Link HTPCs. The entry-level $299 Allio Link ADTI-194500 gets powered by an Intel Atom N330 CPU and features 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 4GB of flash storage, GMA950 graphics, four USB 2.0 sockets, VGA / S-Video ports, Gigabit Ethernet and Ubuntu 9.04 running the show. If you're interested in an integrated DVD player, you can snag an upgraded model for $399. If those just aren't potent enough for your needs, you can snag one of five Allio Link Media PCs, which range from $659 to $1,199 and feature Windows Vista, 2GB of RAM, the same Atom N330 CPU, a built-in TV tuner and a 250GB HDD. Each of the units are available to order right now, with most shipping out within a week.

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