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Yoichi Wada suggests The Last Remnant may never make it to PS3

Jem Alexander

We hope you're not holding your breath for a PS3 release of The Last Remnant, Square Enix's uneven attempt at creating a game using Unreal Engine 3. The company's CEO, Yoichi Wada, made some choice comments during a recent shareholder meeting which lead us to believe it may never make it out on Sony's system. has summarized his comments, in which he states that "it's tough on the development side of things to say that you'll release a game on multiple platforms but end up not doing so, Square Enix has to think about profitability."

"If there's a gap in the release of multiple versions of a game, and if the first version didn't necessarily see such great success, they have to think that there won't be a change in performance on a new platform." No games in particular were mentioned, but only one really fits the bill. The Last Remnant was announced as a multiplatform title, saw low sales on the Xbox 360 in November 2008, and there's been no sign of a PS3 release since then. In the interest of "profitability" this game may simply be put to pasture, instead.

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