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Creator of flOw decries flOw-esque Aquatica iPhone game

You might be confused as to why we just posted a YouTube clip from the 2007 PSN hit flOw at the top of this very story. See, friends, that's not actually flOw -- it's an iPhone game from developer Ketara Software, titled Aquatica: The Underwater Adventure, and it's the biggest ripoff we've seen since the harrowing 2007 adventure title (and Game of the Year contender) Limbo of the Lost.

Thatgamecompany's Jenova Chen, who released the code for the Flash version of flOw shortly after its release, responded to the app by tweeting, "I released flOw source for people to learn. I didn't expect to see it on iphone without quoting the creator." In the comments on the YouTube clip above, Ketara responded to Chen's claims by explaining, "actually, all the source code is completely, 100% written from scratch," informing him that, "in general, most games within each class are practically the same, just different graphics." (Psst -- your graphics aren't different, Ketara!)

As more and more commenters harangued the small developer for apparently copying the PSN title, Ketara began damage control -- first by apologizing to Chen and the gaming community, by adding attribution to the video and app description, then ultimately by pulling the game off the App Store altogether. Ketara promises that "nothing like this" will happen again, so we probably won't be seeing Petals: The Flying Floral Adventure any time soon.

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