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Fewer than 1 in 3 PS3 systems connected to PlayStation Home


According to Peter Edward, director of PlayStation Home for SCEE, PlayStation Home has gained 7 million users worldwide, with 3 million in Europe alone. That certainly sounds like an accomplishment -- but with over 21 million PS3s sold worldwide, that number reveals that fewer than one third of PS3 systems have connected to Home. That's a surprising figure, considering Edward calls Home "the starting point for PlayStation 3 online."

There are a number of factors behind the PS3 community's slow acceptance of PlayStation Home. A long-delayed launch was marred by infrequent updates; the service received a mixed response from hardcore gamers. Since then, Home has expanded quite significantly, with the promise of more to come. Edward told Gamasutra that we can expect "more games [to] support Game Launch from within Home" in the future.

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