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Gamecock, Gathering of Developers founders re-emerge as Devolver Digital

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Following the sale of Gamecock to Southpeak last October, merry pranksters – and co-founders of both Gamecock and Gathering of Developers – Mike Wilson and Harry Miller have re-emerged as Devolver Digital. Devolver Digital is described as "a brand new production and publishing company based in Austin, Texas, specialising in delivering top quality entertainment to gamers worldwide at affordable prices by any and all means available."

First spotted by Big Download this morning, tucked away in the Serious Sam XBLA remake news, Wilson confirmed his and Miller's involvement in the startup telling our sister site, "We're basically acting as the production company for the XBLA game, since we are not an official MSFT publisher yet, and will be publishing the PC version of the games." Video game historians will recall that Gathering of Developers published the original Serious Sam in 2001 and Croteam retains the intellectual property rights, giving them the ability to work with Wilson and Miller on this latest incarnation of the blow-up-big-things simulator. Majesco is serving as publisher of the XBLA release, which will be released "late summer" for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15).

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