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Hustle Kings: A really perdy Pool game for PSN

Rack 'em up ladies and gents because Hustle Kings is heading to a PS3 near you. First showcased at E3 2009, the upcoming pool title is planned to hit the PlayStation Network exclusively this winter. Hustle Kings sports "photo-realistic" graphics, up-to 256 online-player game lobbies, YouTube uploading, Trophies and in-game video chat. Virtual pool sharks will be happy to hear the final product will launch with a plethora of game modes, including 8-Ball, Black-Ball (UK 8-Ball), 9-Ball, Trick-Shots and more. Hustle Kings will also support custom music from the XMB, but we're pretty sure you'll only be able to listen to Rick Ross while you play the game. Selecting any other tracks will cause your PS3 to explode ... probably.

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