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Nanashi no Game 2 trailer will creep you out


There's a decent chance you've never heard of the Square Enix DS title, Nanashi no Game (roughly: The Game with No Name), as it was never released outside of Japan. Essentially, it's The Ring in video game form. In the original Nanashi no Game, the player was introduced to a cursed role-playing game that killed its players within seven days if they failed to complete it. Thus, the game was split into sections of first-person exploration in 3D and sections that were styled after 8-bit role-playing games of yore (Dragon Quest, most notably).

Now, a year later, Square Enix is getting ready to unleash the sequel, Nanashi no Game Me (The Game with No Name: The Eye), which includes not only a cursed RPG, but a cursed platformer as well (who's developing these cursed games, anyway?). You can check out a trailer for the game (courtesy of Famitsu) above. You can also find some more info on the game at Siliconera. We have no idea if the sequel will make its way out of Japan, but we definitely hope so.

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