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Capcom creates countdown-free teaser site


Hate countdowns? Love mysterious teaser sites that barely hint at an upcoming game? Good, because Capcom cooked this one ready for your perusal. The number 1560 simply fades in and out, moving from left to right. While some are postulating it's another Onimusha game (the first game took place in the year 1560, and is based on the Battle of Okehazama), we'll use the power of Wikipedia to show us some of the more interesting things that happened in 1560:
  • "Denmark buys the Estonian island of Saaremaa from its last prince bishop."
  • "The first tulip bulb is brought from Turkey to the Netherlands."
  • "Jean Nicot introduces tobacco in the form of snuff to the French court."
Hmm. Okay, we'd rather have an Onimusha game, Capcom.

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