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Champions Online open beta coming in August

Kyle Horner

Mark your calendars, because according to fansite Champions Online Daily News -- and confirmed by Cryptic themselves -- August will be the month when everyone can flood into Champions Online's open beta. This information came from Daily News' recent visit to Cryptic's actual studio in Los Gatos, CA where it sounds as though the design team is sweating plutonium to get the game ready for public play.

We know many of you have been waiting to hear this news. With the game launching in September, it was only a question of whether or not a beta would happen -- August was mostly a foregone conclusion. Still, now that it's officially coming you can toss up your hats (or whatever article of clothing you would like to remove and hurl into the air) and celebrate. Beta's only a couple months away... just a couple more months.

[via 1up; Thanks, Kinnetik!]

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