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Mortal Online limited edition available June 29, first game reviews are in

James Egan

Mortal Online is the next MMO title on the way that will cater to the hardcore fantasy PvP niche, which is currently filled for some gamers by Darkfall Online. The Mortal Online developers, Star Vault, announced that two beta players were given permission to write "Combat Beta" reviews of the PvP-centric title, which can now be found on the game's official forums. One was written by Mortal Online player Lachrymose which looked at character creation, melee and ranged combat, while the other review by Shinzon looked at crafting and the game environment, as well as combat.

That caught our attention and we think the reviews are worth a look, but the real news here is about the Mortal Online limited edition we mentioned recently -- there are only 999 copies of the limited edition which will go on sale on June 29th in the Mortal Online Game Store. Here's what you'll get with the limited edition:

  • Everything in a printed jute bag
  • Numbered and embossed metal box
  • Collector's figurine: Draconigena Knight
  • Collector's figurine: Thursar Barbarian
  • Mortal Online journal with 24 concept art pages and poster
  • Free shipment of all pre-launch updates on DVD
  • Digital Download access
  • Free access to 'Block A' beta
  • "Free future digital updates and expansions"
  • One month of game time (after the Q4 launch)

Not bad if you're quick on the draw and can snag one in time. Even better, if you're rich and want to get your hands on the most über of Mortal Online limited editions, you can bid for Collector's Edition #1 on eBay, which will have its own unique perks. (Yes, this link is the real deal, not from the vultures who will soon be reselling Limited Editions at ridiculous markups.) The bidding is already getting high, but Star Vault has stated "100% of the final sale price will support Doctors Without Borders USA (Medecins Sans Frontieres)." The auction ends on June 28th.

So while the following details really only apply to (potentially) one of you out there, if you snag the Mortal Online Collector's Edition #1, you'll get all the previously stated perks and goodies, plus you'll get a lifetime subscription and night of revelry with the Star Vault devs in Malmo, Sweden. Their exact wording: "A personal invitation to Malmo (travelling expenses not paid for by Star Vault) for a night of free beers at Lilla Torg with the dev team."

So there you go. If you're into picking up Collector's Editions for your MMOs, Monday will be the day to do so for Mortal Online in their online store. If you're fantastically wealthy and want to help the world while being the most pimp ganker ever seen in Mortal Online, watch that eBay charity auction.

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