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Sony: Expect bigger, better PSN around Spring 2010


Sir Howard Stringer has big plans for PSN. He said as much last month, commenting that as long as PSN is tied solely to the PS3, the network would never be able to reach its full potential. It's set to reach for the stars in Spring 2010, apparently, as Kaz Hirai recently commented to CNN.

"It's now a matter of what all the services need to look like for each device, and coming up with a rollout plan," said Hirai. "It's like city planning here, and we can start small. We don't need to build New York City overnight." And the update isn't just cosmetic, as Sony is looking to create a much more open and easier to use service that will bridge all of Sony's devices. Among the proposed improvements are better displaying images from a camera on TV, watching and editing video, sharing content with friends, and storage.

Another interesting thing mentioned is the prospect of rewards for brand loyalists. Sony supporters with multiple Sony products could receive perks such as discounts and even premium services. It seems like a solid plan to us, but we'd suggest rewarding the people who play PlayStation Home first.

[Via Edge]

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