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WRUP: Help computer edition

Michael Sacco

Hey, kid! Stop all the downloadin'! It's that time of week again, where we ask our team of writers and editors what exactly will be taking up their time this weekend. The question we're really asking is "What are you playing?" but the answers we get are seldom relevant to the question (except mine, which is nearly always "games with your heart"). Thankfully, a few people on the team of people who write about video games are actually playing video games this weekend, and this here is a roundup of just that.

Here's a taste of the team's responses, and Twitter names where applicable, with more after the jump.

Michael Sacco: @mikesacco
Writing more of my game design document, futzing around the PTR with Goon Squad miscreants, and staying inside due to Texas' insane heatwave (100 degrees at midnight? Are you kidding me?).

Adam Holisky: @adamholisky
RAF Dualboxing horde side with some friends.

Lesley Smith: @LesleySmith
This weekend, when not sitting in the sun enjoying a cider and a magnum, I'm going to be helping a friend get to grips with Azeroth, planning a trip to Japan, blogging and trying to figure out if I want/need/can afford a DSLR camera.

Matthew Rossi:

I'm playing "Fix my water so that I can bathe and have something to drink and cook with", it's not a terribly fun game and yet I don't seem to be able to stop playing.

Robin Torres: @cosmiclaurel
I will of course be leading the Midsummer Fire Festival fun with It came from the Blog. Be there or be square! Or is that be there AND be square...

Eddie Carrington (aka Brigwyn): @brigwyn
I'm doing a Disneyland raid with my 2 kids. We're planning on taking down as many bosses as we can. Starting with Mr. Ears himself.

Amanda Miller:
I will be honoring and desecrating some flames, and then attempting Yogg on Sunday.

Allison Robert:
I will be howling various epithets at the PTR character copy queue.

Daniel Whitcomb: @danielwhitcomb
I will finish the Flame Warden requirements for my Death Knight, and then head on to Northrend for those flames in hopes of getting enough for the pet. After that, I am tempted to grab some flames on my Blood Elf Paladin for the easy experience. Of course, all of that may be superseded by the RenFaire, since that's in town.Then again, I'm having a hard time getting my local friends to join me for that. They keep saying something about preserving their dignity or something.

Alex Ziebart: @aziebart
Spending far too long on the PTR trying to find hidden treasures and then working on some Ulduar hardmodes. And if life treats me well, I'll actually get to spend a few minutes on my own blog.

Elizabeth Wachowski:
Final Fantasy Tactics A2, and Prototype if I can drag my boyfriend away from the XBOX long enough to bring it to work.

Matt "Matticus" Low: @mattycus
Revving it up on the PTR! Going to give this Isle of Conquest a spin with some guildies. I tried it once already and it was loads of fun! I think you it's going to receive a good reception.

Zach Yonzon: @trymykungfu
Trying to get the PTR fired up on my computer, but if it continues to be uncooperative, I'll probably sit down and go through my manhua backlog with a nice pot of dragon phoenix pearl tea.

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