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AgfaPhoto rolls out rugged, waterproof DV-600uw camera


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AgfaPhoto's new DV-600uw rugged camera may not be quite as stylish as Pentax's latest ruggedized offering, but it looks like it has it beat where it counts, with it able to handle submersion in water up to 33 feet deep (compared to the Pentax's 16 feet), and hold up to the usual drops, dust, and dirt for good measure. Unfortunately, things are a bit less impressive when it comes to the core camera specs, with this one packing just 6-megapixels, no optical zoom, and a plain old VGA movie mode instead of 720p -- not to mention just one choice of color. If that extra ruggedness makes the difference for you, however, you can pick this one up right now for $199.

[Via Electronista]

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