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Final Fantasy XI moogle-filled expansion begins pre-sale July 5

We know how much you're looking forward to the second installment in the trilogy of mini-expansions for Final Fantasy XI, which is ... wait, it is XI, right? Or -- hold on, is it XII? Which one had the monkey-tail guy in it? That one wasn't online, we don't think. Gunblade was VIII, monkey-tail was IX, whiny athlete was X -- okay, it's definitely XI. What was XII, then? Did XII even come out?

Anywho, the second mini-expansion, titled A Moogle Kupo d'Etat – Evil in Small Doses, is set to drop at the end of this month, but ultra-anticipatory fans can pre-purchase the game starting July 5 for $9.99. You'll need the Rise of the Zilart explansion to play it, and your character's main job level will need to be at least 10 to access the new content. Also, we -- hot bunny-ears girl! Whew, man. That was going to bother us all day.

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