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It's no stretch that Halo: Reach could use Natal


It appears that Halo: Reach may be a warm-up exercise for Natal sales. Bungie Studio President Harold Ryan tells the Seattle Times that he "absolutely" thinks that Reach could use Microsoft's motion-sensing peripheral (provided both launched around the same time frame).

Let's take a look at why Project Natal + Halo makes sense:

  1. The Halo name has helped sell other iffy propositions like Halo Wars.
  2. The game is already called Reach, come on.
  3. This answers the question: "How is MS going to get core gamers to buy/upgrade to Natal?"
However, then we must ask: "Do core gamers want to actually exercise with their Halo?" This gamer's biggie-sized core politely responds, "As long as it involves fries and a shake after."

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