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Konami registers 'Genso Suikoden' in US

Late last week, Konami registered the title Genso Suikoden with the United States Patent and Trademark office. While no further details are available, the filing may be one of many different possibilities: a new game in the series (known simply as Suikoden in North America), a remake of the original Suikoden or a US release of the poor-selling Japan-only PSP compilation, which included slightly enhanced versions of Suikoden I & II.

The nearly 15 year old series has been getting quite a push from Konami in recent months. In late 2008, Konami released the original PlayStation version of Suikoden on the PlayStation Network, while the Nintendo DS received the latest game in the series -- Suikoden Tierkreis -- in March.

[Via Superannuation]

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