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Monkey Island SE might go to WiiWare, PSN, Monkey Island 2 a possibility


Speaking to the Guardian, Craig Derrick, producer of The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition, said that the game may make the jump from XBLA and PC to another platform as well. When asked about why LucasArts chose Xbox Live Arcade as the launch platform and not Wiiware or PSN, Derrick responded, "Well, we never said we wouldn't be on Wiiware or PSN now did we?" He added, "We may have another platform announcement to make very, very soon," though he failed to elaborate any further on the matter.

Derrick also seemed to share the sentiments of some other folks involved with both the Special Edition and the upcoming Tales of Monkey Island from Telltale, saying that he'd like to see a redone version of Monkey Island 2. He noted that Monkey Island Special Edition is an "experiment to see what interest there is for these types of games and if people are interested in playing them on a console." In other words, whether or not we see another revamped LucasArts adventure game depends on how well the Monkey Island sells.

We're sure the Joystiq staff will buy at least one copy, if that helps ....

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