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Funny-looking Nokia passes FCC with US 3G, possibly the Mako?

Chris Ziegler

What does this look like to you? If you answered "most definitely not a phone," well, we're not so sure about that. In fact, we're certain it is a phone, considering that the FCC documentation identifies it as such. Even juicier, though, is the fact that the Nokia RM-599 (all Nokias get RM codes prior to their market model numbers and names) has WCDMA on Bands II and V, which would be just what the doctor ordered for use on North American 3G spectrum. Given the odd outline foretold by the ID label here and the radio specs, we're thinking we could be looking at the Mako for AT&T, which means it may have just cleared one of the last few hurdles ahead of release. Of course, we don't know exactly how it's doing in AT&T's testing labs -- that's another story altogether -- but maybe we'll see this sooner rather than later.

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